I have an unwavering passion for textiles, colour and pattern which inspires me to push the art form of stitch and appliqué. I like to use vintage linens for their rich texture, and vibrant coloured woolfelt to bring my designs alive.


I was drawn to textiles while studying design at art college. I specialised in knitwear, leading to a career in fashion design. After freelancing for many successful brands, I relocated to America as a designer for Abercrombie and Fitch.


My love of design has always been reflected in my homes. I’ve had the opportunity to renovate and decorate many houses thanks to my growing family and much career-led country hopping. Along the way I learnt the art of upholstery and have lovingly re-built and upholstered many beautiful antique chairs.


The artwork brings together all my experience in design and textiles and my passion is now to create attractive and meaningful contemporary appliqués for beautiful interiors.