Julie Gilroy


About Me

Originally from England I am now based in Brisbane Australia with my beautiful family. My love of art and design has been a life long passion.

Through studying design at art college I discovered my affinity with textiles, and chose to specialise in knitwear. A successful ten year career in fashion design followed. Working for many commercial brands across the world, from Abercrombie & Fitch in Ohio to Nicole Farhi in London. Alongside a fashion career my love of design has also been reflected in my homes. With a growing family and much career led country-hopping, I’ve had the opportunity to renovate and decorate many houses and bare walls. 

My artwork brings together all my experience in design and textiles, creating modern pieces for beautiful interiors. 

My Artwork

Each artwork is born from an unwavering passion for texture, colour and pattern. Many of my designs originate from a desire to portray the structure of our lives and journeys in pattern and form. Layering and symbolising the complex and wonderful lives we lead.

I use techniques that bring to life my colourful geometric designs with handcrafted qualities and textural surfaces. I have spent many years working with textiles, using appliqués of colourful wool-felt on flax linens and coarse cotton backgrounds, to create tactile artworks.

More recently I discovered the medium of coloured pencils. Using museum quality pencils on heavy hot press paper, creates artworks of vibrant colour softened by the texture of each individual pencil stroke. They are a truly calming experience to create. Prints of the original pencil artworks are flawless, quality copies, offering a more cost effective way to share my artworks.


Commissioned artwork is a wonderful collaboration between the client and artist. Sometimes a client has a clear vision of what they want, sometimes they desire a reworked version of an older piece, or sometimes I’m asked to create something completely new from just a few words of inspiration. Whatever the request, I adore doing commissions, so please contact me with any enquiries hello@juliegilroy.com

Every commission is discussed in detail, outlining size, colour direction and budget.